ACOP School on Research Methods for Political Communication

Last week I attended the first Methods School organized by the Spanish Political Communication Association (ACOP). It took place from Oct.24 to Oct.27 in Calatayud, Zaragoza (Spain). Several researchers from prestigious Spanish universities such as Universidad de Salamanca or Universidad Complutense de Madrid offered 4-hour workshops on the theory and practice of the primary methods they employ in their scholarly practice:

Francisco Seoane Pérez – In-depth interviews

Juan José Igartua – Experimental designs

María Luisa Humanes – Survey research and public opinion polls

Miguel Vicente Mariño – Audience studies

Lidia Valera Ordaz – Content analysis and framing

Carlos Arcila Calderón – Big data and predictive sentiment analysis

Amazing experience where I had the opportunity to discuss my dissertation project with outstanding peers and scholars! Looking forward to the next one!



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